Staffing and Interim Management

Executive and Mid-Management Search

Guidry & East has provided Healthcare Recruitment Services to hospitals and healthcare organizations for mid-management and senior level executives since 1983. Our clients include investor-owned, not-for-profit and church-affiliated hospitals, medical groups, and medical centers, both domestic and international.

The healthcare industry has undergone significant change over the past decade, both structurally and in management requirements. Guidry & East plays a key role in the search process by identifying candidates whose career objectives parallel those of the client organization. The retainer agreement with our client organizations ensures a dedicated, selective process that will meet these criteria, unlike that experienced with contingency placements.

Physician and Surgeon Search

At Guidry & East, we guide both physicians and healthcare organizations through the process of finding the best possible practice and the most compatible physician and surgeon by matching lifestyle requirements with professional opportunities. Integrity, trust, experiences, loyalty, and professionalism are often used words in the industry, but they are among the tried, true and tested at Guidry & East. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who lead, direct and support every search we undertake. Our skills and talents along with our array of resource combine to make each transition as smooth as possible. We will help you achieve the best possible outcome to your search. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

Transplant Center Staffing Analysis

Variations in staffing and clinical practice can impact post-transplant outcomes. Many transplant centers struggle to determine the optimal staffing model. Staffing guidelines should be developed to ensure that an adequate number of qualified professionals are hired for a given practice volume. Guidry & East can assist transplant centers in finding the right mix in staffing.

Interim Management (One-Month to One-Year)

Guidry & East has contracted to perform interim transplant management for the position of the Transplant Administrator. We can provide service for short-term assignments, and have accepted assignments up to fourteen months. Interim management is discussed in great detail with the client to address a very specific list of duties and responsibilities for Guidry & East to assign an interim Transplant Administrator for the Transplant Program.