Transplant Insider, Winter 2018

Guidry & East brings you Transplant Insider, a quarterly publication comprised of resources and news vital to developing your transplant business solutions for growing transplant programs, improving transplant operations, and the transplant financial product line.

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Is your transplant center prepared?

Guidry & East has assisted approximately one-third of Transplant Centers cited under the CMS Conditions of Participation with their quality systems improvements. The assistance falls in the securing of two categories of consultants:

  • Independent Peer Review Team
  • Onsite Transplant Consultant(s)

If you believe you have outcome issues and your CUSUM reports are threading in the wrong direction or your projected SRTR shows that you will flag on 2 consecutive occasions within the last 5 SRTR release periods using the CMS criteria for flagging programs, you need to take action NOW! You need to call us to prepare a pre-emptive Independent Peer Review Team for your program without delay. Our Independent Peer Review Team (six to eight consultants) will be of assistance to your center in highlighting both short term and long term areas of improvement as you develop your Transplant Program's Root Cause Analysis report. We can help!

Following the filing of your Mitigating Factors Application ("MFA") and with CMS's approval, you may find yourself in the position of accepting a Systems Improvement Agreement ("SIA") to maintain Medicare Certification for your transplant program.

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