Feasibility Study

Transplant Program Feasibility Study

FeasabilityGuidry & East is often called to assist hospitals in determining the "feasibility" of starting or expanding a transplant program. The following paragraphs reflect a sample of the typical information and data we gather before submitting the results of our Feasibility Study: Guidry & East interviews hospital Senior Leadership, including Medical Leadership, for the purpose of compiling their thoughts, visions, and concerns pertaining to the development/ expansion of the Transplant Program. Recommendations are made addressing appropriate institutional support and capital outlay for the development/expansion of the Transplant Program.

Most importantly, we perform a Market Analysis to ensure that the program's target market has a sufficient need for the Transplant Program, given the population and characteristics of the marketplace. We also perform a Market Analysis to assess the availability of Cadaver organs from the Organ Procurement Organizations to be utilized for the proposed Transplant Program.

Guidry & East prepares a Financial Pro Forma/Impact Statement of the proposed Transplant Program. This includes developing a staffing plan for non-MDs, focusing on operational and budgetary concerns.

If a new program is being considered, we assess the goals and operational requirements needed to obtain UNOS approval to start a Transplant Program. Guidry & East reviews the hospital's Medical and Surgical Professional Staff requirements for starting a UNOS-Certified Transplant Program. We review Clinical and Operational requirements to obtain Medicare Transplant approval. We also assess and quantify the costs associated with obtaining Medicare approval.