Financial Assessment

Financial Assessment of the Transplant Center

FinancialAssessSurprisingly, numerous Transplant Centers today still look at "The Transplant Event" as the financial key of the Transplant Product Line. It is imperative that Transplant Centers evaluate all elements of the Transplant Product Line. Therefore, when Guidry & East conducts a financial assessment of a Transplant Center, we review the four phases of transplant: pre-transplant evaluations, pre-transplant medical and surgical maintenance, the transplant event, and post-transplant follow-up and re-admissions. A major component of the Transplant Product Line, and therefore of great importance in the financial assessment of the program, is the End-Stage Organ Failure revenues for each specific organ that a Center transplants.

Guidry & East creates a Financial Impact Statement for the Transplant Center, measuring cost and net revenue streams for the latest fiscal year-end. The impact statement includes medical and surgical encounters related to donors and transplant recipients. In addition we develop a Contribution Margin analysis for the latest fiscal year-end to include pre-transplant evaluations and the transplant event for each organ type.