Financial Assessment

Surprisingly, numerous Transplant Centers today still look at "The Transplant Event" as the financial key of the Transplant Product Line. It is imperative that Transplant Centers evaluate all elements of the Transplant Product Line.

  • There are four phases of transplant and all must be aligned for maximizing transplant financial success.
    • Pre-transplant evaluations
    • Pre-transplant (waitlist) medical and surgical maintenance
    • Transplant event
    • Post-transplant follow-up and readmissions
  • Capturing all allowable costs for the Medicare Cost Report is imperative.

The financial assessment includes evaluation of the following:

  • Patient registration
  • Role/responsibilities of the transplant financial coordinator
  • Appropriate and allowable charge capture
  • Patient access and throughput
  • Contract language
  • Utilization of EMR capabilities for charge identification
  • Patient flow from diagnosis to transplant event
  • Flow of charges to the appropriate cost center through EMR
  • Appropriate capture of all charges on cost report