Histocompatibility Laboratory

Operational Assessment of the HLA Lab

An Operational Assessment of the Histocompatibility Laboratory (“HLA”) both hospital based and free standing includes the examination of the administrative reporting structure, staffing, accounting for Director’s compensation, compliance, patient registration, equipment, allocated space, on-call issues, and allocation of appropriate costs/charges. We also review the total number of tests performed along with direct costs associated with providing specific HLA Tissue Typing tests.

Guidry & East submits a detailed written report on our findings of the Operational Assessment of the Histocompatibility Laboratory. In a meeting with Senior Leadership, key components of the report are presented and discussed.

Guidry & East also assists Organ Procurement Organizations and Free Standing Histocompatibility Laboratories in the preparation of their annual Medicare Cost Reports prior to and during the cost reporting process.

Preparation of the HLA Lab Cost Report

The preparation of HLA Medicare cost reports are complex, and time-consuming obligations with legal requirements that are always in flux. Compliance and accuracy of Medicare cost reporting play a big role in ensuring maximization of CMS reimbursements, without interruptions, which in turn have a positive impact on the financial health of the HLA Lab. As part of the preparation of the cost report we are able to establish a modeling tool for the HLA Lab to utilize for future projections of amounts due to/from Medicare and the profitability of the non-renal laboratory work.

Cost Report Review Prior to Filing

Guidry & East reviews the HLA Cost Report prior to filing with the Fiscal Intermediary. This can prevent embarrassing and unexpected audit adjustments, which can materially affect net income and/or cash flow projections. We believe this is an extremely valuable service to have a company who works only in the field of transplant perform such a highly specialized service, given the numerous federal regulatory agencies and their nebulous guidelines impacting the cost report. Our reviews can act as a “second set of eyes” resulting in a more compliant and accurate Medicare cost report.