Operational Assessment

organizational assessmentTransplant Center Operational Assessment

Organizations engage Guidry & East to conduct Transplant Center Operational Assessments for a number of reasons. Transplant Center Operational Assessments are customized to the unique needs of each Transplant Center. The methodology for an operational assessment typically focuses on the topics listed below:

  • Organizational leadership structure
  • Supporting resources required for operational success of the Transplant Center
  • Physician and administrative management structure, including appropriate reporting relationships
  • Transplant clinic scheduling, patient flow, and medical records. Make recommendations to ensure efficient and cost-effective care
  • Time of referral to UNOS listing
Pre-transplant Donor and Recipient Evaluations
  • Appropriate clinical documentation for compliance and cost recovery
  • Electronic patient identifiers
  • Recipient pre-evaluation
  • Donor pre and post-donation follow-up
Patient Access
  • Pre-transplant registration process
  • Transplant financial clearance process
Physical Space
  • Current capacity of the Transplant Center and infrastructure support, and determine future needs based on volume projections and plans for future expansion
  • Current clinical space
  • Current HLA or OPO space
  • Lay staff office and work areas
  • Surgeon and Physician location and space
Organ Utilization
  • Cadaver organs excised in facility
  • Cadaver recipient organs
  • Live donor organs – In house transplant and Paired Donation
  • Medicare secondary for organ acquisition reimbursement
  • Organs discarded and/or sent to research