Staffing Analysis, Interim Program Management, Administrative Mentoring

Staffing Analysis

Staffing is a key component to post-transplant clinical outcomes, as well as employee retention. Accurate and timely completion of the yearly UNOS Staffing Survey is imperative to have the ability to compare staffing with like programs and regions. Many centers struggle with determining the optimal staffing model. Let us help you find the right balance and correct allocation of staff needed.

Interim Program Management

Guidry & East has the ability to place an experienced transplant administrator in an interim position while a center is recruiting and hiring a new administrator. Each placement is tailored to the particular center with agreed upon duties and responsibilities. We can also help in the transition phase while a new transplant administrator is familiarizing to their role and your culture.

Administrative Mentoring

Transplant administration is complex in many ways unlike other areas of middle and upper hospital management. The established leaders in transplant administrators, many of whom climbed the ranks from coordinator positions are retiring or have already retired.

This leaves significant opportunities for the next generation of transplant administrators. With this opportunity comes many challenges, as this generation is increasingly MHA or MBA prepared employees with limited to no clinical experience. We can enlighten the future transplant administrators with clinical and financial skills and tips to ensure success for themselves and your transplant program(s).

Because there is generally only one transplant administrator per transplant center, there may be no other institutional knowledge for this role. Learning through trial and error has been proven to be very costly to the institution.

Guidry & East has full time clinical partners with years of transplant administrative experience. We are able to provide initial and ongoing mentoring to the new generation of transplant administrators, while teaching how to avoid the pitfalls most experience.