Staffing Analysis, Interim Program Management, Administrative Mentoring

Transplant Center Staffing Analysis

Variations in staffing and clinical practice can impact post-transplant outcomes. Many Transplant Centers struggle to determine the optimal staffing model. Staffing guidelines should be developed to ensure that an adequate number of qualified professionals are hired for a given practice volume. Guidry & East can assist Transplant Centers in finding the right mix in staffing.

Accurate completion of the annual UNOS Staffing Survey is key to being able to compare staffing with like programs and regions.  Each center must enter and submit their data in order to be able to see comparative results.

Interim Program Management (One-Month to One-Year)

Guidry & East has contracted to perform Interim Transplant Management for the position of the Transplant Administrator. We can provide service for short-term assignments, and have accepted assignments up to twenty-four months. Interim Management is discussed in great detail with the client to address a very specific list of duties and responsibilities for Guidry & East to assign an interim Transplant Administrator for the Transplant Program.

Administrative Mentoring

Transplant Administration is now a complex level of Administration in many ways unlike other areas of Middle and Upper Hospital Management.  As the "old guard" of Transplant Administrators retire, there are many of opportunities available for the next generation of Transplant Administrators.  However, with those opportunities come the challenge of learning this unique aspect of the medical world.  In most Transplant Centers, there is only one Transplant Administrator, so there is no other institutional knowledge of the unique requirements of transplant.  Guidry & East's full-time clinical partners have over 100 years of Organ Transplant Administration experience and knowledge combined.   Guidry & East can provide initial and ongoing mentorship for new Transplant Administrators.